A complete Pub quiz for Sailors

Sailing Quiz

A complete self running pub quiz for sailors, yacht clubs and sailing schools that is fun, challenging and will test your knowledge of the sea.

The quiz is fully automatic and the full version runs for over an hour and includes a period of questions, a break, more questions followed by all the answers. All you have to do is set it running and write down your answers.
  • Fully automatic and self running.
  • 50 random questions (5 in trial).
  • Includes refreshment breaks.
  • Answers given at the end.
  • Trial version available.
  • Works on a TV, PC or mobile.
  • Get into your teams now.
  • Get Paper and pencil ready BEFORE you start.
  • Write down your answers to each question A, B, C or D..
Trial version
Full version
  • Important notes:
  • Once started, it cannot be stopped.
  • Works only once per payment.
SailingQuiz Works on: All platforms
Rated: 4 stars - 37 reviews.

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