Day Skipper Sailing Quiz

A Day Skipper Sailing Quiz with both theory and practical questions to help with revision or get you ready for your next RYA or ASA sailing course.

Day Skipper Sailing Quiz

What better way is there to get ready for your RYA Day Skipper theory exam? Today, there are 243 sailing quiz questions both practical and theory specifically written for budding Day Skippers and those who want to progress onto the next level or study for a RYA exam. We consider that Day Skippers should also be well versed in lower level quiz questions so the Day Skipper Quiz also includes questions for Start Yachting and Competent Crew. A total of 428 quiz questions to help with revision in all. Remember, we add new questions all the time so come back often!

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Most questions are universal so can help you with both RYA and ASA practical and theory tests wherever you are in the world.

There are 17 subjects at Day Skipper level:
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