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SailingQuiz has been written by a group of RYA Instructors to help you improve your knowledge of the sea and get ready for your next sailing course.

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While the world is in lockdown due to the current pandemic, we have developed some short quizzez based on the full versions. These are FREE to use. Can be used in groups, via video link or on your own for a bit of fun. STAY INDOORS AND STAY SAFE.

Free Nautical Quiz. A free nautical quiz to while away the time.

While you are getting your head around the sailing theory, you will also be learning many sailing terms and trivia for life on the sea. We have also expanded to use the questions into a fully automated Pub Quiz for yacht clubs to enjoy. Just for fun, we have also searched out many of the Nautical phrases and sayings in common use today.

On this page you will find details of our sailing quizzes and our comprehensive nautical phrases jargon buster, their origins and what they mean today..

Sailing Quiz

A complete sailing quiz on 3 levels.

A sailing quiz to test and improve your sailing theory and knowledge of the sea for RYA or ASA courses or just for fun.

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Pub Quiz

To help you revise and expand your nautical knowledge even further we have also developed a self running Pub Quiz using the same questions as we use in the SailingQuiz. All you need to do is get into teams with pencil and paper ready and set it running. The rest is automatic and includes breaks.

Try our free trial version of the pub quiz and the tell us what you think.

Nautical phrases and sayings

How many times have you ever said that you're caught between the devil and the deep blue sea but you're bearing up and will turn a blind eye and will see it through to the bitter end? Well, maybe not, but this sentance is crammed full of old nautical sayings and steeped in the language of the sea. Go on, push the boat out and keep a weather eye on our naautical phrases pages.

The are lots of sayings we use every day that have nautical origins. Some of them will surprise you! There are hundreds of them so we have been searching out their origins and meanings so that you can enjoy looking them up.

Todays spoken English owes a lot to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the days of sail when British ships traded throughout the world. So many people were engaged with the sea in some way that nautical phrases and sayings quickly entered the English language for everyday use.

Browse through some of the 202 Nautical phrases and sayings we have found so far.

A Glossary of Sailing Terms

It does not matter if you are an experienced sailor or new to boating, you will find this Glossary of Sailing Terms very handy to explane the parts of the boat and what they do. Simply follow the link below to the Nautical phrases and Sailing Terms page and select Sailing Terms.

Take a look at some of the 219 Sailing Terms we have in our comprehensive glossary.

What does "Scraping the barrel." mean?

This is one from our "Nautical Saying" category. Nautical phrases and sayings explained | SailingQuiz

Today it means: No other choice, accept something inferior, take whatever is left.

A ships meat rations would be supplied soaked in brine and stored in barrels. The fat would become hard and would stick to the sides and bottom of the barrel and was less likely to be used in day to day consumption. However, if you were hungry and there was nothing else, then that would do.

Scraping the barrel.
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