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Welcome to the CYC - Sailing Section and Events Calendar.

This website started of as just being a place to register and log trips for The CYC Blue Book Challenge but has now evolved into a place where members can also register to recieve email notices and see planned events.

What you can do if you register here.

When you register on this site you will be able to choose to receive emails about future events, list items for sale in the 'Stuff' section AND/OR choose to take part in the CYC - Sailing Section. Both are available via a simple tick box.

CYC - Blue Book Challenge

If you are a member of Cardiff Yacht Club (power and sail) and would like to take part in the CYC Blue Book Challenge for 2019 then please register your boat with us now.

38 Blue Book Challenge registrations.

0 trips logged for 2019.

0 points awarded so far.

124 members receiving email updates.

Stuff! Stuff is where you can advertise just about anything you want. Sell, seek crew, ask for advice, well, just about anything! Adverts last 30 days and its free to all CYC members. Click the button below to see whats listed.

STUFF Sales and Wants

New! Trip WIKI. This wiki allows you to add or edit any of the details about desinations visited by CYC members. You must be logged in to edit but anyone can view at any time.


It is only necessary to register once so if you have already registered for a previous year then just login and continue logging your trips as before.

If this is your first time with us then please select login above and then select register to add your boat details or you can Register here.

CYC - Blue Book Challenge rules and points system

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